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The IECEE-CB system is a system for the global mutual recognition of electrical product safety testing results established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Electrical Product Qualification Testing and Certification Organization (IECEE).

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1. Introduction of CB certification

The IECEE-CB system is a system for the global mutual recognition of electrical product safety testing results established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Electrical Product Qualification Testing and Certification Organization (IECEE). International trade barriers. Based on the IEC safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards for related electrical and electronic equipment approved by IECEE, the CB system has achieved mutual recognition of the test results of 19 categories of electrical products including information electrical equipment, household appliances, and medical electrical equipment.



2. the importance of CB certification

It is the foundation of the CB system that the product safety test results of electrical and electronic equipment are accepted globally. Upon successful completion of the test, a CB test certificate and corresponding CB test report will be issued to the product. Together, these two documents constitute a passport that allows manufacturers to apply for global certification from any national certification body in any country or region participating in the CB system, usually without additional testing. In addition, when applying for CB certification, it is necessary to inform the countries to be considered for inclusion in the report, so that the corresponding country differences can be taken into account when testing.


3. Scope of CB product certification

At present, the CB system covers electronic game devices, test equipment, power supply cables, capacitors and parts, lighting, household appliances, protection devices, transformers, office and IT equipment, AV equipment, and medical equipment, etc., with a total of 180 types in 14 categories. product.


4. CB certification common standards


Safety standards

Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard

IT power supply/product





AV class power supply/product





wireless products


IEEE Standard

Home appliances





medical products






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5. Common test items for CB certification


temperature rise test

Fire test

Impact test

Stability test

country difference test

Electric Strength Test

normal/abnormal test

Capacitor discharge test

Current limiting LCC test

Insulation resistance test

Power cord pull test

Electric Strength Test

Motor stall test

Label Durability Test

Capacitor and RC component testing


6. CB certification information provided

1. Application form;

2. Circuit schematic diagram, PCB Layout diagram;

3. Nameplate;

4. English manual;

5. Critical Parts List (CDF)

6. Trademark Statement (if any)

7. Transformer, Inductor Specifications

8. Model list (series)

9. Product Photos

10. Comply with standard safety test report


7. Matters needing attention when applying for CB certificate

1. Regarding the application for the CB test certificate, the following points should be noted:

(1) The application for the CB test certificate can be submitted by the applicant to any "certification/accreditation" NCB covering the scope of the product.

(2) The applicant can be either a manufacturer or an entity authorized to represent the manufacturer.

(3) The application may include one or more factories producing the product in one or more countries.

(4) Applicants/manufacturers/factories located in countries without IECEE member bodies need to pay an additional fee of CHF 150 for each CB test certificate to compensate for the operating costs of the system. This fee is charged by the NCB that accepts the application for the CB test certificate and will be credited to the IECEE account.

(5) The applicant may request the NCB to test the product according to the national differences of the country where the product is sold.

2. The manufacturer's product certification for the target market includes the following procedures:

(1) Submit an application to the NCB of the target country;

(2) CB test certificate;

(3) CB test report (can include national differences);

(4) Provide product samples to the target market when requested by NCB.

The purpose of requesting samples is to confirm that the product is consistent with the product tested by the originally issued NCB and that national differences have been covered.

3. Country Differences

National differences are the differences between a national standard or regulation and the corresponding international standard. All national differences of countries joining the CB system are submitted to the IECEE Secretariat and published in the CB Bulletin.

4. CB certification does not require factory inspection


8. CB certification body

ANCI focuses on the global certification testing of electronic products such as IT, AV, power supply, wireless and communication. It is a CB testing laboratory approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEE). IECEE has authorized a CBTL laboratory, which can perform product testing according to CB system procedures. Publish the test report. The CB test and report are completed by our company. After the test is successful, you only need to submit your CB certificate and test report to the national certification body (NCB) in the country or region that has joined the CB system for the record, and you can obtain more products for the product. national safety certification without having to perform additional testing.


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