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Both E-mark certification and e-mark certification are the most typical international automotive product certification and approval systems in terms of implementation form, and their operating procedures and forms are basically the same.

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1. Introduction of E/e-mark certification

1. Common ground

(1) Both E-mark certification and e-mark certification are the most typical international automotive product certification and approval systems in terms of implementation form, and their operating procedures and forms are basically the same.

(2) As far as the technical content of the European Union Directive (EC Direction) and ECE regulations are concerned, the two have great consistency. In the basic directives under the EU's vehicle vehicle type approval approval framework, 58 ECE regulations are stipulated to be completed. Equivalent to the corresponding EU Technical Directive.

2. The difference between the two

Certification Category

E-mark certification (ECE certification)

e-mark certification (EEC certification)

certification logo

p2p_picture 5_20220222182127

The circular frame is an approval system based on the technical quality standards formulated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, and is a sign of a certificate issued by an authorized body

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The rectangular frame is based on the European Community's whole vehicle type approval system based on EU directives, and has the logo of the certificate issued by the authorized organization.

The numbers 1, 2, 3.... in the outer frame represent the different codes of the different EU member countries that issue the E/e-mark certificate. If 13 represents Luxembourg, then E13 means that this is a certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport of Luxembourg

Canonical name

Technical quality standards (ECE Regulation) formulated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN Economic Commission of Europe)

EU Directive (EC Direction)

designated unit






member profile

Members of the United Nations are free to join

Must be an EU member state

Applicable area

Europe and other regions

EU member states

Product Range

Vehicle Systems, Parts

Vehicles, vehicle systems, components

1. Vehicle: two or more electric, motor vehicles, such as passenger cars, motorcycles, buses, etc.

2. Components: lights, rearview mirrors, seat belts, glass, horns, tires, brake pads, anti-theft devices, etc.

3. Auxiliary accessories: safety helmet, warning triangle, child safety seat, electric and electronic products in the car, etc.

Remarks: Regardless of the E or e logo certification, firstly the product must pass the test, and secondly, the production factory needs to have the quality management system certification. At least meet ISO9000 standard requirements


2. E/e-mark certification European standard

Vehicle Certification Directive: 92/61/EEC

Electromagnetic Compatibility: ECE-R10, 97/24/EC


3. E/e-mark certification requirements

1. Company business manufacturing

2.ISO9000 or TS16949 English and English quality manual (system certification)

3. Product schematic & layout (the file needs to have the manufacturer's name, product model, product name)

4. Product Labels

5. Product instruction manual in English

6. Complete sample 2pcs (one open one)

7. Application form (Chinese and English company name and address), power of attorney

8. Factory inspection report (factory inspection is required for the first application, and manufacturers who have obtained ISO9000 and other quality system certificates issued by EU national certification bodies do not need to do factory inspection in principle). 


4. E/e-mark certification certification process

1. Submit service application form and product information

2. Sample delivery test

3. Draft report preparation and confirmation

4. Submit to each traffic department for review

5. Issuance of certificates

6. Issuance of certificates by the transportation departments of European countries (the issuing agencies may conduct regular or irregular follow-up factory inspections on certified product manufacturers).


5. E mark certificate number

The issuing agency of the E-mark certificate is the government department of the ECE member state, and the certificate of each country has the corresponding number:

E1-Germany; E2-France; E3-Italy; E4-Netherlands; E5-Sweden; E6-Belgium; E7-Hungary; E8-Czech; E9-Spain; E10-Yugoslavia; E11-UK; E12-Austria; E13- Luxembourg; E14-Switzerland; E16-Norway; E17-Finland; E18-Denmark; E19-Romania; E20-Poland; E21-Portugal; E22-Russia; E23-Greece; E25-Croatia; E26-Slovenia; E27-Slovakia; E28-Belarus; E29-Estonia; E31-Bosnia and Herzegovina; E37-Turkey;


6. E/e-mark certification body

As a professional E/e-mark certification agency, ANCI has successively obtained China CNAS L6214, CMA (201819013768) accreditation, international IEC authorized CBTL testing laboratory, American UL/A2LA (4422.01), British ITS, South Korea KTC, Qualifications accredited by major international certification agencies such as German TÜV and Belgium Eurofines. We have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated experimental equipment and senior certification engineers in the industry. We have the strength to provide all-round one-stop testing and certification services for our customers' products to obtain national certification, and help your products to be sold worldwide with confidence.

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