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The Qi standard is the wireless charging standard launched by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the world's first standardization organization to promote wireless charging technology.

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1. Introduction to QI Certification

The Qi standard is the wireless charging standard launched by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the world's first standardization organization to promote wireless charging technology. Features. As long as it is a product with the Qi logo, it can be charged with a Qi wireless charger. Certified and listed products not only meet the corresponding safety and performance specifications, but also compatible with certified terminals of different brands and models.


2. Qi certification mark

Only the wireless charging equipment (transmitting or receiving end) that has passed the test and obtained the certification can use the Qi logo in any form in product promotion, packaging, and product labels in accordance with the specifications, otherwise it is an infringement and will face being punished by WPC risk of prosecution.

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3. Scope of Qi certified products

1. According to the use method and form of the product, it is divided into: mobile power products, embedded products, and charging products.

2. Among them, the different launch types are divided into single launch products and multi launch products. Among them, single-launch products can only charge one charging device at the same time, and multi-launch products can charge multiple charging devices at the same time.


4. Qi certification process

1. Provide product information consultation and quotation;

2. After signing the contract, the customer provides the required information documents as required;

3. WPC membership application;

4. Submit product specifications and other information for review;

5. Provide test samples for compliance testing in the local laboratory;

6. Submit samples for compatibility testing;

7. Final confirmation of product information;

8. The product is registered on the WPC website as soon as it is completed.

Note: Qi certification for different types of products is different. Products with functions above 5W use the Qi protocol and must pass EPP certification; products above 5W use private protocols and only need to pass BPP certification.


Five, Qi certification precautions

1. Qi certification is only for WPC members, which means that manufacturers first need to become members;

2. Qi certification must be completed in a laboratory authorized by WPC to be effective;

3. Qi certification is a voluntary certification, not a requirement of local market regulations. To pass Qi certification, products also need to meet the corresponding regulatory requirements, such as CE, ROHS, REACH, FCC, etc.;

4. Currently Qi certification rules low power and 15W medium power products;

5. Manufacturers currently use the Qi standard to produce products, temporarily exempt from patent technology fees, and whether they will be free in the future will be notified.


6. Qi certification agency

ANCI has established an industry-leading large-scale testing base in South China (Dongguan), and strictly implements quality control in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system specification ISO/IEC 17025. We have been accredited by China's CNAS L6214, CMA (201819013768), the international IEC authorized CBTL testing laboratory, the United States UL/A2LA (4422.01), the United Kingdom ITS, South Korea KTC, Germany TÜV, Belgium Eurofines and other major international certification agencies authorized qualifications , is your ideal partner.

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