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The full name of TÜV-mark is TÜV BaÜart Mark. TÜV Mark is a German product type certification mark for electrical components, such as power supplies, transformers and other mechanical product components and sports equipment components.

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1. Introduction to TÜV Mark Certification

The full name of TÜV-mark is TÜV BaÜart Mark. TÜV Mark is a German product type certification mark for electrical components, such as power supplies, transformers and other mechanical product components and sports equipment components. It is commonly known as the TÜV mark. The TÜV logo is different for each TÜV company. Through the TÜV Mark certification of products or components, it provides a good platform for products to enter the European market, increases product credibility, and also makes it easier for buyers and consumers to make purchasing decisions, which is widely accepted by European citizens.

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2. Common product types certified by TÜV Mark

1. Consumer goods and retail products

2. Healthcare and medical devices

3. Electricity and energy

4. Communication products and information technology

5. Energy Efficiency 


3. Technical information to be submitted for TÜV Mark certification

1. Company business license

2. One for all samples that have passed the certification or are applying for certification.

3. Second-order program file directory.

4. One copy of the inspection specification and inspection report for the important safety parts (components) of the incoming material

5. Inspector (IPQC) work instruction and inspection form

6. A finished product inspection specification and inspection report

7. List of testing equipment (requires that your factory must have the equipment for producing products of this specification specified by IEC standards)

8. Korean product certification and label. (Not required for initial review)

9. Inspection record of testing equipment

10. External school certificate of testing equipment

11. Procedures for handling customer complaints and record forms for handling complaints.

12. Internal audit records of the quality system

13. Certification Change Control Procedures


4. Items to be tested for TÜV Mark certification

1. Working voltage

2. Failure test

3. Impact test

4. Vibration experiment

5. Impact test

6. Flammable experiment

7. Plug Experiment

8. Protective connection conductor resistance

9. Enter the test

10. Power Line Strain Relief Test

11. Electrical connection and fixing test

12. Leakage test

13. Accessibility test

14. Energy Hazard Check

15. Limit power test

16. Safety interlock device test

17. Printed circuit board test

18. Power Case

19. Package and Sealed Part Inspection

20. External force test

21. In-building (above) electrical equipment

22. Electric shock test

23. Dielectric strength test

24. Label inspection and testing

25. Radiation test

26. Temperature rise test

27.SELV test

28.TNV test

29. Current limiting circuit test

30. Overload test

31. Manual device test

32. Battery explosion-proof test

33. Spill test

34. Clearance, creepage distance and insulation penetration distance

35. External wire terminals



The test items are increased or decreased according to the actual samples and the sample application standards.



5. TÜV Mark certification factory inspection and other matters needing attention

A. Company Organization Chart

B. Organization Chart of Quality Control Department

C. Quality assurance system

D. Flowchart of production operations (from purchase to shipment and payment)

E. Incoming material inspection flow chart and corresponding inspection documents (incoming material acceptance list, material return list, inspection report, history record of the third-party factory, evaluation form of the third-party factory, contact sheet for abnormal quality of the third-party factory, special purchase application form, warehouse purchase details sheet , inventory control card, purchase daily report)

F. Incoming material inspection standard, sampling standard, AQL level, inspection method (especially key components and key dimension inspection) content and records; stacking and labeling of products to be inspected, qualified products and waste products;

G. First/last inspection (item, standard, defect classification, time, record, disposal plan)

H. Process (production) inspection flowchart and related documents (items, standards, defect classification, time, inspection results, records, evaluations, disposal plans, signatures)

I. Work instruction, key work inspection, product improvement process

J. Inspection items, standards, defect classification, time, record, disposal plan

K. Finished product/packaging inspection items, standards, defect classification, time, record, disposal plan

L. 100% safety inspection

M. Warehousing inspection items, standards, work instructions, defect classification, time, records, and disposal plans

N. The warehouse parts are stacked separately and the labels are normal, and the process of receiving and dispatching materials; storage conditions (temperature, humidity, spaciousness, etc.)

O. Shipping inspection

P. Staff training records, inspection personnel training records

Q. Picking List, Warehouse Management, Shipper, Scrap List, Material Return List, Inventory List

R. Division of semi-finished products, finished products and defective products of the production line

S. Measuring Instrument Appraisal Account, Appraisal Certificate

T. Functional inspection of metrology tools

Ü.Equipment Periodic Inspection

V. Certified Product Conformance Change Program Documents

W. Non-conforming product handling procedures


ANCI - Germany TÜV authorized laboratory


6. TÜV Mark certified agency laboratory

ANCI focuses on the global certification and testing of IT, AV, power supply, and wireless electronic products. It has established an industry-leading large-scale testing base in South China (Dongguan), and has served more than 3,720 electronic manufacturers and long-term service providers of the world's top 500 companies. We have obtained the German TÜV authorization and can provide you with TÜV Mark certification testing services!

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