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The IRAM Safety Mark is a mandatory (except exempted) certification mark in Argentina. From December 31, 2002, regulated products must be assessed by a certification body accredited by the Argentina Accreditation Organization (OAA) for compliance with the relevant standards.

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1. Introduction to Argentina IRAM Certification

The IRAM Safety Mark is a mandatory (except exempted) certification mark in Argentina. From December 31, 2002, regulated products must be assessed by a certification body accredited by the Argentina Accreditation Organization (OAA) for compliance with the relevant standards. The IRAM standard is mainly based on international standards (IEC and ISO). Manufacturers can attach the Argentine S mark to the products that meet the standards, and the product evaluation is carried out according to the IEC standard plus the Argentine difference or the Argentine standard. In fact, the formulation of the IRAM standard has adopted most of the provisions of the IEC standard.



2. IRAM certified product range

The Argentine government has passed two new resolutions 197/2004 and 198/2004. 197/2004 allows manufacturers and importers to choose different certification systems. The Argentine authorities revised the certification system at the end of 2004 and published No. 197/2004. resolution and put this plan into practice. Resolution 197/2004 applies to the following products: electronic and electrical products, toys, personal protective equipment.


3. IRAM authentication method

1. Mark certification (also known as safety mark certification)

2. Type Approval

3. Batch certification

While 198/2004 has compulsory certification requirements for some electrical and electronic products, the agreement 198/2004 stipulates that the following products are no longer included in the scope of compulsory certification:

- Products with rated current greater than 63A 

- The rated voltage is less than 50V, using battery power

- rated voltage less than 50V with external power supply (including battery operation)


4. Preparation of IRAM certification materials

1. Safety test report:  

German Rheinland's CB test report plus CB certificate, or German Rheinland's IEC English version test report plus Argentina's national requirements.

2. Additional files:

Application form, importer's authorization letter, design drawings, specifications, circuit diagrams, product photos, safety warnings in Spanish on the inscription plate, user manual in Spanish, factory inspection report from Rhein, Germany, plugs conforming to Argentina IRAM 2063/ 2073 standard certificate (if the plug does not meet the Argentine IRAM standard, additional specifications and samples of the power plug are required).

3. The following requirements must be met:

- The power supply must have a valid Argentine certification

- The technical parameters of the adaptable power supply or the model of the adaptable power supply must be indicated in the product manual

- The product manual must indicate that it is dangerous to use a non-specified power supply


5. IRAM certification process

1. Fill out the application form

2. Issue a report according to IEC standard or IRAM standard

3. Provide proof of difference to meet Argentina country, such as difference report

4. Sample identification

5. List Argentina certified importers and exporters

6. Trademark registration

7. Register company name in public business

8. Signing the Rules of Procedure

9. Factory inspection report (once a year)


6. IRAM certification factory inspection

Initial and subsequent annual factory inspections are required to apply for an IRAM safety mark certificate, and C1G 023 reports are also acceptable. Not available for both type approval and batch approval.

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7. IRAM certification body

As an IRAM certification agency laboratory in Argentina, ANCI has established an industry-leading large-scale testing base in South China (Dongguan), and strictly implements quality control in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system specification ISO/IEC 17025. We have been accredited by China's CNAS L6214, CMA (201819013768), the international IEC authorized CBTL testing laboratory, the United States UL/A2LA (4422.01), the United Kingdom ITS, South Korea KTC, Germany TÜV, Belgium Eurofines and other major international certification agencies authorized qualifications , is your ideal partner.

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