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SASO是英文Saudi ArabianStandards Organization的缩写 ,即沙特阿拉伯标准组织。SASO标准中有很多是在相关的国际电工委员会(IEC)等国际组织的的安全标准基础上建立的。

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1. Introduction to SASO Certification

SASO is the abbreviation of the English Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, that is, the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization. Many SASO standards are based on the safety standards of relevant international organizations such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Saudi Arabia and SASO require that all products included in the SASO certification standard have SASO certification when entering Saudi customs. Products without SASO certificates will be refused entry by Saudi port customs. SASO standards apply not only to products imported from abroad, but also to products produced in Saudi Arabia.



2. SASO certified product range

Power supplies, batteries, personal computers, telephones, office electrical and electronic equipment, fax machines, lamps and lighting equipment, household electrical and electronic equipment, household pressure cookers, household switches and circuit breakers, compressors and fans, etc.


3. SASO certification certification process

(1) Submit an application to the consulting company, and the consulting company informs the enterprise of the product certification procedures according to the product category and in accordance with the requirements of SASO;

(2) The enterprise submits product samples for testing in accordance with the certification procedure, and some products (such as some motor vehicles and accessories) need to undergo factory inspection;

(3) After passing the product test, the enterprise will obtain the SASO certification; if the product fails the test, the enterprise will receive a detailed explanation report.

(4) When products are exported to Saudi Arabia, SASO certification must be issued when the goods enter customs, and the technical staff of Saudi Arabian Standards Organization will check the certificate; if the SASO certificate cannot be issued, the product will be refused entry or sampled to Saudi Arabian industry and The Ministry of Commerce or the laboratory of the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization conducts the test. If the test fails, the product will be refused entry, and all expenses shall be borne by the exporting enterprise.


4. SASO certification form

1. Pre-shipment Compliance Verification

This method is best for exporters or manufacturers with very few shipments. Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and pre-shipment test (PST) are required before each shipment. Both are qualified to get the CoC certificate.

2. Product Registration (Registration)

This method is suitable for the vast majority of customers. Its advantage is that although each shipment inspection (PSI) is necessary, each batch of goods does not need to be pre-shipped test (PST). By submitting a declaration of compliance, providing a test report that meets the importing country and relevant international or domestic standards, and declaring that the product has met the basic requirements and national differences of the importing country, the registration qualification certificate Statement for Registration (SfR) can be obtained.

3. Type Approval Licensing

This method can not only save the inspection fee or testing fee before each shipment, simplify the repeated application procedure, but also guarantee the delivery time. favored by the company. The exporter or manufacturer's products can obtain the Statement for Licence (SfL) certificate only if they fully comply with the mandatory standards of the importing and exporting countries. The certificate is valid for one year. Before the expiration, it is necessary to submit an updated factory inspection report and pay the annual fee, which can be renewed after being reviewed by RLC. Products that have obtained the SfL certificate no longer require pre-shipment inspection (PSI) for each batch of goods, but are reduced to a few random inspections a year (usually 2-3 times per year, depending on the product condition).


5. SASO certification matters needing attention

1. SASO is a batch certificate, and each batch of goods must be applied for before delivery. If the goods have already been shipped, it cannot be reissued;

2. The test report submitted by SASO must be issued by an ISO17025 qualified laboratory (the laboratory is issued an accreditation certificate by a member institution of ILAC-MAC mutual accreditation (usually accredited by CNAS in China), and the accreditation scope covers relevant standards (or equivalent standards) , and the scope of accreditation does not limit/exclude key items). At the same time, it must comply with SASO standards or equivalent international standards; if the documents are not accepted, the on-site sampling test needs to be rescheduled;

3. For the third-party test report, the Saudi standard is preferred, followed by the equivalent international standards (such as: ISO, IEC ..), and then the national standard. And fully test according to the differences in the destination country;

4. Please keep the same model as the one on the test report. In the case of electrical and electronic products, the plug and socket must still comply with BS1363, which is a British three-pin plug and socket;

5. All products exported to Saudi Arabia, such as applying for SASO-COC, will no longer accept the internal test report of the factory, and a third-party product test report issued by a qualified laboratory must be provided;

6. For the electrical and electronic products exported to Saudi Arabia, if they are Class II electrical appliances, remember to display the back-shaped mark on the product label and packaging; LCL, the 9 types of high-risk products that are not in the whole cabinet, although it is impossible to supervise the installation, but the inspection needs to be completed. Seal the box with special sealing tape.

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6. SASO certification body

As a Saudi SASO certified agency laboratory, ANCI has established an industry-leading large-scale testing base in South China (Dongguan), and strictly implements quality control in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system specification ISO/IEC 17025. We have been accredited by China's CNAS L6214, CMA (201819013768), the international IEC authorized CBTL testing laboratory, the United States UL/A2LA (4422.01), the United Kingdom ITS, South Korea KTC, Germany TÜV, Belgium Eurofines and other major international certification agencies authorized qualifications , is your ideal partner.

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