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The full name of China's CCC certification is "compulsory product certification system", which is a product conformity assessment system implemented by governments in various countries to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management, and implement laws and regulations.

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1. Introduction to CCC Certification

The full name of China's CCC certification is "compulsory product certification system", which is a product conformity assessment system implemented by governments in various countries to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management, and implement laws and regulations. The so-called 3C certification is China's compulsory product certification system, the English name China Compulsory Certification, the English abbreviation CCC. All products listed in the compulsory product certification catalogue, without the certification certificate of the designated certification body, without the certification mark as required, shall not be imported, sold or used in business service places.



2. the importance of CCC certification

1.3C certification is a compulsory certification and a pass to enter the domestic market; CCC is a domestic compulsory certification. If it is sold in China, the products in the 3C compulsory catalog must be 3C certified.

2. If the product is exported, there is a 3C certification mark, which can reduce some items of export inspection.

3. Since CCC certification is a third-party testing agency independent of the first party (supplier) and the second party (purchaser), through strict inspection and inspection, it is a kind of authoritative certificate issued for the compliance of the product. Fair. The scientific quality system conforms to the laws of the market economy and can bring direct economic benefits to both sides of the trade.

4. The CCC certification and CCC certification mark obtained by the enterprise are an important manifestation of corporate culture and quality culture, and are the crystallization of corporate culture. Products and companies with 3C certification are easy to be recognized, enhance customer confidence, shape corporate image, and increase visibility.


3. CCC certification standards


Safety standards

Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard

IT power supply/product




AV class power supply/product




wireless products


SRRC standard

Home appliances




medical products





4. CCC certification test project

temperature rise test

exception test

drop test

input test

Pressure test

Discharge test

Current limit test

Ground Impedance Test

Power limit test

Safety Low Voltage Test

Tide test

Fire resistance, ball pressure test

Output overload test

Clearance, creepage distance evaluation, etc.

The above are the main test items for power supply products, and the specific test items are tested by the laboratory according to the standards of each product.



5. Technical information to be submitted for CCC certification

1. Product nameplate

2. Product Specifications

3. Product manual

4. Critical parts safety and EMC list

5. Product schematic diagram. pcblayout diagram

6. Transformer Specifications

7. Product model list description and model difference description

8. CB certificate and report of the product (if any), etc.

The above is the required information of the power supply products, the specific details are different according to each product, welcome to consult.


6. CCC certification process

Stage 1: Application acceptance;

Stage 2: Data review;

Stage 3: sample receipt for sample delivery;

Stage 4: Sample testing, verification of data;

Stage 5: The laboratory produces a draft;

Stage 6: The draft is correct and uploaded for review;

Stage 7: CQC initial assessment → reassessment → certificate issuance;

Stage 8: Printing, collection, delivery and management of certificates;

Stage 9: Factory inspection within 3 months after the first application for 3C certification

(For factory grade C or D, the certificate can only be obtained after factory inspection)


7. CCC certification time period and validity period

The certification time period is generally 4 weeks after the samples and documents are complete (excluding the factory inspection time), and the CCC certificate is generally valid for five years.


8. CCC certification factory inspection and other matters needing attention

(1) Review content: factory quality assurance capability + product consistency inspection

1. Factory quality assurance capability review. Review according to CQC "Factory Quality Assurance Capability Requirements" and "Factory Inspection Record Form".

2. Product consistency check: Check the consistency of the products applying for certification, focusing on verifying the following:

(1) Consistency between the identification (nameplate) of the certified product and that indicated in the type test report;

(2) The structure of the certified product is consistent with the type test sample;

(3) The important parts/components of the certified product are consistent with the "List of Important Parts/Components" in the type test report;

(4) Conduct on-site inspections according to the "Routine Inspection Items and Confirmation Inspection Items List".

3. The method of the initial factory inspection: the initial factory inspection can be carried out alone, or it can be combined with the initial inspection or supervisory inspection of CCC certification.

(2) Time of initial factory inspection: Generally, the initial factory inspection shall be conducted after the type test is qualified. Type test and factory inspection can also be carried out at the same time as required. The factory inspection time is determined according to the number of units of the certified products applied for, and the production scale of the factory is properly considered. Generally, each processing site is 1 to 4 person-days. The specific review time is given in the "Special Requirements for Product Certification Implementation Rules" of the corresponding product. The time of the auditors on the road is calculated as half a working day each day, which is not within the number of persons/days listed above.

p2p_picture 99_20220226085450

ANCI-China CNAS Qualification (CNAS L6214)

p2p_picture 107_20220226085226

ANCI-China CMA Qualification (201819013768)


9. CCC certification body

ANCI has a global certification testing team focusing on IT, AV, power supply, wireless and communications and other electronic products, and has established an industry-leading large-scale testing base in South China (Dongguan). Implementing quality control, it has successively obtained the accreditation of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS L6214) and the qualification of inspection and testing agency CMA (201819013768), and its professional certification strength is beyond doubt. Electronic products such as IT, AV, power supply, wireless and communication are certified by CCC. An Magnetic Testing is your ideal partner!

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