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Work Place:

Dongguan · Songshan Lake

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Professional requirements: College degree or above, majors in marketing, foreign trade, English, electronic applications, etc. are preferred

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Implement telephone, network, visit or other forms of marketing according to the performance indicators issued by the company to ensure the completion of the target tasks;
  2. Expand new customers, manage and maintain old customers, be responsible for signing quotation agreements with customers, and urge the contract to be fulfilled as scheduled;
  3. Work closely with customer service department, laboratory and other relevant business departments to maintain good collaboration and communication to ensure smooth horizontal and vertical processes.

job requirements:

  1. Passionate about sales work, have dreams, want to achieve great things and have a strong desire to succeed, and have a strong sense of self-motivation and responsibility;
  2. Good communication and expression skills, full of pioneering and innovative spirit, strong learning ability;
  3. Possess good psychological quality, can withstand certain work pressure, be cheerful and optimistic, and adapt to fast-paced work and changes;
  4. College degree or above, 20-33 years old, majors in marketing, foreign trade, English, electronic applications are preferred;
  5. Those with work experience in the same industry are preferred, and outstanding fresh graduates are also welcome to join.


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