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Dongguan Anci Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong GTG Testing Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Anci Testing",It's a subsidiary of GTG Group) is located in the beautiful Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Park, specializing in IT, AV, power supply, wireless, and small household appliances. Global safety certification, electromagnetic compatibility, Energy efficiency certification, international certification and chemical testing projects, is a comprehensive, professional, national third-party testing, inspection and certification organization, committed to building the industry's most comprehensive brand.

ANCI has built a large laboratory base of 13,000 square meters in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Park, including safety laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory, radio frequency laboratory, performance laboratory and chemical laboratory. The laboratory accreditation system standardizes ISO/IEC 17025 to implement quality control, and has comprehensive testing capabilities in the field of certification testing.

ANCI has successively obtained the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS L6214) accreditation, the inspection and testing agency qualification CMA (201819013768) qualification, the International Electrotechnical Commission Electrical Product Qualification Testing and Certification Organization (IECEE) Internationally accredited CBTL laboratory, and It has obtained the authorization and qualifications of major international certification agencies such as UL/A2LA (4422.01) in the United States, ITS in the United Kingdom, KTC in South Korea, TÜV in Germany, and Eurofines in Belgium.

ANCI implements the lofty mission of "Make the world safer and life better", and adheres to the service concept of "customer first, professional attitude, teamwork, and mutual benefit" to provide global product certification for Chinese enterprises. One-stop service for testing to help customers' products quickly obtain certifications from various countries around the world.


ANCI testing advantage

Strength: China CNAS L6214, CMA (201819013768) accreditation, international IEC authorized CBTL testing laboratory, international major certification agencies qualification authorization;

Professional: 18 years of focus on IT, AV, power supply, wireless and other electronic product certification testing, has served more than 3720 electronic manufacturers, long-term service providers of the world's top 500 companies;

Fast: 32 kinds of certification items are directly tested by An Magnetics testing laboratory and a test report is issued, which has absolute time and price advantages;

Service: Senior industry engineers provide one-to-one technical services from product evaluation, testing to certification.


Anci Service Project

Safety certification testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, energy efficiency certification testing, international certification testing, reliability performance testing, physical and chemical testing, agent application, product structure review, coaching factory inspection, certification course training.

National Service Hotline: 400-7558988

ANCI Expert Team

ANCI has a team of senior industry engineers who are familiar with various certification agencies around the world and understand the global certification culture. The standards and methods for applying for global safety certification, EMC certification and energy efficiency certification for IT, AV, power supply, wireless, and small household appliances are: In-depth understanding, in-depth and comprehensive certification experience, and a thorough understanding of the certification industry!


ANCI Enterprise Style

Noble mission: make the world safer and life better Corporate vision: to become an internationally recognized testing organization Team values: customer first, teamwork, and win-win Personal Values: Honesty, Professionalism, Efficiency Leadership Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Mindfulness Quality policy: independence and impartiality, high quality and efficiency, keeping promises, keeping improving



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