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Postpone! ! UK UKCA Mark Enforcement Date Delayed to 1 January 2023!

Edit: ANCI 2021-12-30 504

Article overview: You can still use the CE mark until January 1, 2023. Products put on the British market from January 1, 2023 must use the UKCA mark, which means that the CE mark can be used in the UK GB (England, Wales and Scotland) market. The term of use has been extended from January 1, 2022 to January 1, 2023日.

Recently, the ANCI editor noticed that the official website of the British government released the latest guidelines for the use of the UKCA logo on August 24, 2021. Let us learn more about the details!

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Latest guidance: "Manufacturers may continue to use the CE marking on their products to enter the British market until 1 January 2023. Products on the British market from 1 January 2023 must be marked with the UKCA mark in accordance with the relevant regulations."

To give businesses more time to adapt to the new requirements, in most cases you can still use the CE marking until January 1, 2023. Products put on the British market from January 1, 2023 must use the UKCA mark, which means that the CE mark in the UK GB (England, Wales and Scotland) market has been extended from January 1, 2022 to 2023 January 1, 2009.


ANCI reminds that
CE marking is only valid as long as Great Britain is in line with EU regulations, if the EU changes its regulatory requirements and you are CE marking your products under these new regulatory requirements, even on 31st December 2022 Previously, products affixed with the CE mark could not be accepted by the British market.

It should be noted that products entering the UK market from the EU region also need to have a new UK importer to perform the duties of the importer. Manufacturers are requested to start testing and certification of products sold to the British market as soon as possible, and use the UKCA mark on products as soon as possible.


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